Dawn Of Man collaborates with Wonderland USA, Transformers, and the Branded Entertainment Network, a new service from Corbis that seamlessly allows brands to reach out and connect with their audiences, by way of film, tv, music, and digital mediums.

Our goal was to showcase the service and its immense possibilities in an elevated and attention-commanding way, specifically in highlighting B.E.N.'s role in connecting and integrating Chevrolet into the Transformers series, one of their most well-known success stories.

The concept we developed was to create a massive 12' tall, 21' wide 3D sculptural piece, projection mapped on all sides with dynamic 3D animated content, featuring original animated content, as well as moments from the film.

From designing and fabricating the 3D sculpture in out studio, then creating custom Transformers-inspired content, and finally installing the piece in the event space, the goal was to create an impactful impression every step of the way.