ONE Campaign, the 7-million member non-profit organization taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease around the world, sought to take their message into heart of the Big Apple - and to do so in a big way. Timed to coincide with the week of the UN General Assembly in NYC, the advocacy group commissioned VideoBrooklyn to carry out a large-scale projection mapping installation in a highly visible public space - the facade of the Hudson Hotel - to spread the word about its global "Strengthie" initiative, and bring these important issues to the attention of world leaders and average New Yorkers alike.

Inspired by the iconic image of "Rosie The Riveter", ONE's "Strengthie" initiative garners participation from people all over the world, extending and expanding the conversation on women and girls' role in overcoming extreme poverty, and working to unlock women's economic potential in underdeveloped areas as a solution for improving the lives of everyone.

During the campaign, projected text and ONE ambassadors on site informed inquiring passersby about the group's message, goals, and mission. Those inspired to participate were given the opportunity to have a photo of themselves taken, and immediately projected onto the four-story facade of the Hudson, for the world to see.