This live-recorded music video Epic was produced by Dawn Of Man for the NJ based powerhouse quartet Karmic Juggernaut. All aspects of production, from mobile field recording to editing, were completed entirely using solar energy.

We toured around the beautiful state of New Jersey with the band for a total of 4 shooting days, tracking each new instrument in a different location. Taking the recording studio into the Great Outdoors was primarily an experiment -- by extending the recording process beyond the confines of the traditional studio, we invited the band out into the living world, where they could feed off of and respond directly to the energy and sounds of the natural environment around them.

The solar technology afforded us the ability to be mobile, which gave us the flexibility to explore and record in places where grid power was not readily available.

Being one of our first ever all-solar productions, going solar also presented us with the opportunity to further develop and promote this process, and to spread awareness that alternative energy is not only practical, but readily accessible as well.

- Metric Halo's ULN-8 Centers Solar Powered Mobile Recording Rig