The Hotel Indigo sought to kick off its new, flagship location in the Lower East Side of New York in a huge way. Several months leading up to their official grand opening, the IHG owned property reached out to VideoBrooklyn to develop and carry out a massive, eye-popping 3D projection-mapping experience, to both establish and convey the story of the new hotel, and to celebrate its big launch in style.

Located in one of the most iconic and culture-rich neighborhoods in New York, the Lower East Side, the Indigo sought not only to position themselves as one of the most innovative and forward-thinking hotels in the game, but to also continue the time-honored LES tradition of pushing boundaries, testing limits, and turning heads.

With decades of rich cultural history to draw on, the goal was to create a bold, forward thinking identity for the hotel, while at the same time paying respects and paying homage to that same history which it was now becoming a part of.