A seemingly lofty title. Have I seen you before? The stars are neutral bodies that we project our emotions on, or make shapes out of, or use to tell stories with, or wish upon. Perhaps the night sky is a great black blanket, acne'd in cigarette burns, covering the great white mass of lard on a dead man's ass.... I'm almost certain that we've met before.... If what we see is what we believe, and truth is just strength in belief, then what we see is somehow both true and untrue depending on how strongly we believe, belief being completely subjective and strength being the variable. And now basically that was an entirely pointless statement that has close to no meaning and would have been better off not even being said, and really the seemingly lofty-minded writer of this description should hold the backspace key for a 5-count and erase this empty rhetoric.

Okay. So seriously, I know I've met you before.... Basically the whole idea of the stars or what was seemingly important about even mentioning that bit, is that almost everything is a projection, or rather an empty canvas that is being projected upon.... Really, all this writer is trying to do is to sound as intellectual as possible, and then is calling himself out on his intellectual-ness in an attempt to cover up his own lofty tendencies by acknowledging them directly, and really the only meaning of this piece is floating on your back through the tunnel, which doesn't actually mean anything at all, which is the point, and the fact that the title means absolutely nothing at all just reaffirms it as both incredibly lofty and yet not lofty at all, simultaneously.

And really, there are such heavy-handed symbols in the piece that the writer of this piece is completely disregarding, i.e.; the tunnel being a symbol of birth, or the dozens of aimless people maybe reminding you of someone you know, or that the repetition of bodies might reflect the infinite ways that one's life may carry them after they have been born, based on which way the current flows, the current being overly symbolic and overdone and somewhat cliche. And what this piece would be totally disregarding if in fact this were the way the heavy-handed symbols were to be interpreted by an audience member, who thinks in the same seemingly lofty ways as these filmmakers, is the power of decision, which has been totally stripped away and plays no part in these symbols. But that's not what it's about anyway.

What is important about this piece is that you've spent about 12 minutes watching it, which was a decision in itself, or rather a lack of decision to get up and walk away, annoyed at how utterly lofty it really is. But that isn't necessarily the point of the piece either.

Your face looks so familiar; I know we've at least been in the same room before...

Perhaps this film is a cruel joke, like the joke of the fat man who covered the lard of his ass with the great black blanket.

Basically this writer is glad that you spent about 12 minutes of your life watching this piece, because now we can have a discussion about it, and really, now that you're reading this, we've established a sort of connection, and can now have a sort of dialog, that would have never had happened had you not been here to watch the piece and then read this description (had our currents not flowed in such a way that has brought us both here today). Which really brings us to another possible way of looking at those symbols -- at those currents randomly converging, crossing paths and establishing connections. But that might not be what it's about either, and really seems a little too maybe pseudo-spiritual or maybe just like a bunch of bullshit.

Basically, the filmmakers believe that this piece is unfinished. As is this written description of it, and both the film and the description are full of holes (that may just provide a glimpse of the lard), and full of things that have not been fully thought out, or resolved, or completed.

To be continued....

Even though I'm pretty sure this is a continuation from the last time I met you....